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* Writing

I'm no big writer and certainly not an artist of literary quality. I rarely write - it usually takes something appallingly revolting to make me sit down and bring my sarcasm to bear on the subject I want to see scorched. Do not take these pieces all too seriously. Do not be offended. If you feel that you might be offended, don't read them. If you have no humour, don't read them. If you do not have my kind of humour - which according to my definition means that you have no humour - don't read them. If this last sentence offended you definitely do not read them.
On the other hand if you like to have a good laugh at some poor bastard other than yourself you might enjoy my stuff. If you like laughing about yourselves even better. Learn not to take yourself too seriously and have a blast...

Most of these bits are in the style of a column but have not been published. Most of them were written in german and have been translated into english, with a few it is the other way round. You will find a link indicating the original language in normal font and the translation on italics.

<LI> After being told how great Björn again were supposed to be as ABBA impersonators I finally managed to go to one of their conerts and was sorely disappointed. As our local newspaper did not see the need for a devastating review I took it upon myself to do the deed.
[German] [English]
<LI> After growing up in the eighties it was of course a matter of principle to attend the revival concert of Alphaville as one the bands that had accompanied me through my adolescence.
[German] [English]
<LI> Attending the Gurten Festival 2001 just outside Bern inspired me to put my musings to paper - or should I say to keyboard.
[German] [English]
<LI> I have often wondered that Austrlia is hardly ever mentioned in our papers and if so it usually gets bad press. Does it really take studies in journalism or socialogy and serious research in countless archives to do a serious analysis of this? I guess. To do a less than serious analysis irony is all you need.
[English] [German]
<LI> I can understand why it is an enigma to some people why anyone would want to watch a game that takes five days to complete. As the converts are the most zealous it might be a good idea to read up on how I learnt to appreciate Cricket after twelve years of joking about it.
[English] [German]
Last modified: 2010-07-16