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* World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) by Blizzard. It is set in Azeroth, the world and lore of their earlier warcraft games.

I have recently travelled to the hidden area of Ironforge Airport, a trip from which I took quite a few pictures. Also, I have put together some other Sightseeing spots in Azeroth and some odd memorabilia.

I am playing on the german server Dun Morogh where I have the following characters, most of which are members of Hüter des weißen Feuers:

As Blizzard changed their armory page, the 3D models previously available are not yet online again. In the meantime, I'm just providing a text list of my characters:

Urbin      (100), Dwarven Hunter     (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Greeta      (90), Dwarven Rogue      (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Mymule      (85), Gnomish Warlock    (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Taalas      (85), Draenai Shaman     (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Sunh        (81), Nightelven Priest  (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Kordosch    (75), Human Death Knight (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Surana      (75), Draenai Mage       (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Juran       (65), Nightelven Druid   (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Vargal      (42), Worgen Warrior     (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Gera        (26), Human Paladin      (PvE) @dunmorogh.de
Tunyatgong  (12), Pandaren Monk      (PvE) @dunmorogh.de

I am also actively participating in the usenet group alt.games.warcraft for which I used to maintain the FAQ

I have taken over Greya's GuildGreet addon and have written some of my own called DeathCount, Factionizer and BuffBeggar. As Curse Gaming has been rather shaky lately, you can find downloads for the latest version of my addons here.

Last modified: 2010-12-18