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I am an electrical engineer and am working for SBB IT.

In order to become an engineer I spent quite a bit of my life in schools. After my matriculation (graduation for the Yanks among you ;-) Typus C (Maths and Science) in 1991 I started my studies at the ETH Zürich at the Department of Electrical Engineering which I finished with a diploma which is more or less the equivalent of (but not officially) a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1997.

<LI>1991-1997Eidgenössisch Technische Hochschule ETHZ, Zürich (Swiss Institute of Technology)
<LI>1989-1991Kantonsschule Alpenquai, Luzern (High School)
<LI>1988Pembroke College, Adelaide, Australia
<LI>1983-1987Kantonsschule Alpenquai, Luz ern (High School)
<LI>1977-1983Primary School Maihof, Luzern

As my choice of Subjects and Assignments shows I have already been closer to the Computer Science end than the nitty and gritty high-frequency and high-voltage end of electrical engineering during my studies. Thus it is unsurprising that my current job is as a Software and Systems Engineer. Aside from my permanent jobs I worked at numerous places during my schooling and studies. My work experience pre- and post-diploma are listed below:

<LI>since 2010SBB
Senior Software Engineer
I am working for SBB (Swiss Railways) in their central IT department where I work in a group that writes and maintains the central Cargo Information System.
<LI>2006-2010ACS Solutions Ltd, Berne
Senior Software Engineer & System Architect
I was working for ACS Solutions Switzerland Ltd in their transport revenue division. I was writing and designing software for ticketing machines. I mainly worked on the two S-POS projects für Zürich (ZVV) and Lucerne (ITV PassePartout). I was in charge of customizing our standard framework to the needs of the customer user interface. I worked on the analysis, design, implementation and integration of new features. I helped with the integration of business data flow and did conceptual work.
<LI>2003-2006De La Rue International, Ltd, Berne Branch
Software and Project Engineer
I was working in the group for embedded hardware and software of De La Rue (now Talaris) where I wrote embedded firmware for automated teller machines (ATM).
All further details of what I have done there have been censored at the request of my employer. They did not wish me to publish the facts that they themselves had published in the job advertisment I answered to. They felt it would be giving away trade secrets.
<LI>1997-2002Siemens Switzerland Ltd, Zürich
Software and Systems Engineer
I was working for the Electronics House of Siemens Switzerland Ltd in the Access Network Division (which is today Albis Technologies) where we were developping the 2Mbit/s leased line modems of the Ulaf-2 and Ulaf+ families which offer HDSL, optical, SHDSL and G.703 transmission. I had been working in a small team which develops LineIntegrator an SNMP based management system for our modems. LineIntegrator runs on SUN workstations using HP OpenView NNM as framework. After September 2001 I had been leading a project where the devices of our Ulaf+ family were being supported by AccessIntegrator the windows based management system developped by Siemens in Munich.
As a Software and System's Engineer I helped to define the Management Interfaces of the Ulaf+ family on the firmware and management layers and also designed and implemented parts of LineIntegrator as well as working on the design and implementation of the Ulaf+ integration in AccessIntegrator.
<LI>1996-1997Institute for Systems Engineering, ETHZ, Zürich
Assistant Teaching Assistant
Assisting the Teaching Assistants with the support of exercises in Assembler and FPGA Programming.
<LI>1995Institute for Mechanics, ETHZ, Zürich
Software Developer
Building digital interfacing hardware for a compact controller to interface with analog hardware to find frequencies of resonance in various materials. Writing the software to control the interfaces and to automatically find and measure the frequencies.
<LI>1994Martignoni Electronics, Zürich
Work Experience
Writing memory management functions in 80x86 assembler for modems.
<LI>1993-1994Landis & Gyr Energy Management AG, Zug
Work Experience
Power Line Communication: Adapting filters to couple into 16kV lines and writing firmware in Motorola 68HC11 assembler to find auto correlation to syncrhonise onto transmitted frames on such lines.
<LI>1992-1994Telelink AG, Cham
Network and System Administrator
Installing, administering and supporting a Windows for Workgroups network and its workstations and application software for a small modem development company.
<LI>1992Centralschweizer Kraftwerke AG (CKW), Luzern
Work Experience
Mechanical basic training (welding, filing and many other annoying menial tasks ;-) as part of my graduate course at the ETHZ.
<LI>1987-1991Kino Moderne, Luzern
Combining my passion for cinema and the teenage need for additional funds at the perfect job as an usher included a free general admission ticket for all cinemas in Luzern.

As I have made one of my main hobbies my job I spend considerably less time in front of my computer at home (somehow after a long day at the office it is not as appealing as it used to be) but every once in a while I still get around to it.

As languages play an ever more important role in todays globalised world I try to keep my English in pretty good shape and am working on learning some obscure languages for the sheer fun of learning them. Unfortunately my school knowledge of some languages deteriorates at an alarming rate :-(

<LI>GermanMother tongue
<LI>EnglishExcellent (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency, A Level)
<LI>FrenchPassable, high school level
<LI>SwedishAlmost fluent ;-)
<LI>SpanishBasic knowledge
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