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* Wedding Picture Gallery


Wedding preparation
Wedding preparations
A few slides from before the wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony
Our wedding ceremony took place on
2006-05-04 at the Schloss Bümpliz

Wedding reception
Wedding reception
We held our wedding reception on
2006-05-04 at the Cinématte in Berne
Wedding party
Wedding party
We celebrated on the weekend on
2006-05-06/07 at Zwischenflüh in the Diemtigtal
* 2006-12-14 All wedding pictures are back up. Thank ImageShack!
* 2006-12-11 Tripod (Lycos) have deleted all our wedding photos without notice and I can't log on using ftp. I am currently uploading pocture by picture to ImageShack. Expect to have to wait a bit until all pictures are available again. For the time being the preparation pictures should be back.
* 2006-07-18 Added support for large and medium resolutions
* 2006-07-17 Put up the first version
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