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* Travelling

One of my interests is to go travelling all over the world. It's something that I have gotten into while on exchange in Australia. Actually, I don't really go all over the world, I sort of prefer the North as long as I am in Europe and there is still plenty of that to go and have a closer look at. Australia has of course a very special pull and when I went there the last time, I went to have a look at New Zealand, too.

You can find some of my pictures in the Picture Gallery and there is a copy of my newsletters I wrote during my latest trip to Australia and New Zealand.

These are my major trips so far:
<LI>1986 A trip with my parents and sister for a few days to see Budapest.
<LI>1987 A trip with my parents and sister for a few days to see London.
<LI>1988-01-15 - 1988-12-13 My exchange year in Adelaide with YFU.
<LI>1990-07-08 - 1990-08-02 My first Interrail experience taking me to the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden with a smallish tent and a youth hostel card.
<LI>October 1990 Our Maturareise - the trip with the class of my final year in high school to take another look at Budapest now that the wall had fallen.
<LI>1991-06-25 - 1991-07-09 Two weeks of relaxation in Scarborough between matriculation and the dreaded national service boot camp.
<LI>1992-08-04 - 1992-08-14 Again a couple of relaxing weeks in picturesque Scarborough.
<LI>1993-04-03 - 1993-04-10 A short easter holiday taking in some summer weather in spring time in Monaco.
<LI>1993-08-14 - 1993-08-29 Taking a second look at Sweden with expert guidance.
<LI>1994-03-04 - 1994-06-03 Taking the time to travel through Australia after having lived there for a year the last time.
<LI>1994-08-09 - 1994-09-05 Taking a tour of the South Western U.S.A and visiting Washington D.C. after being YFU flight leader.
<LI>1995-08-26 - 1995-09-24 Tramping through the south west of Ireland by train, bus, bike, on foot and hitching hikes.
<LI>1996 Visiting a friend at the University of Kent in Canterbury and another one in Limerick.
<LI>1996-08-11 - 1996-08-14 A few days of enjoying Paris, the city of lovers.
<LI>1996-08-27 - 1996-09-01 Participating at the IRS in Trysil for YFU.
<LI>1996-12-28 - 1997-01-03 Celebrating New Year in Scarborough.
<LI>1997-03-13 - 1997-03-18 My last pre-work trip to Vienna ;-)
<LI>1997-08-03 - 1997-08-10 Attending a wedding and visiting a school friend in Finland.
<LI>1997-10-03 - 1997-10-10 Taking a week off on short notice in Stockholm after a hellish time at work.
<LI>1998-07-08 - 1998-08-02 Following the Rockies from the north to the south of the U.S.A.
<LI>December 1998 Attending the ETOT at the YFU office in Tommerup.
<LI>1998-12-19 - 1999-01-03 Spending Christmas and New Year in darkness in Sweden.
<LI>1999-06-18 - 1999-11-07 Taking the time to see the Fjords in Norway and the Fjäll in northern Sweden.
<LI>1999-10-08 - 1999-10-11 A quick trip visiting Dublin.
<LI>1999-10-29 - 1999-10-31 A weekend in Stockholm with our swedish class.
<LI>2000-10-27 - 2000-10-29 I need to get to Stockholm every once in a while - just to stock up on swedish literature, film and music.
<LI>2000-12-13 - 2001-05-01 Mopping up Australia and tramping all over New Zealand. You'll find details of this trip in my Newsletters. Stopping off in DC on the way home to participate at the YFU International Conference.
<LI>2001-10-05 - 2001-10-07 A quick trip to Finland for a weekend in a hut next to our very own lake in the forest.
<LI>2002-03-13 - 2002-03-13 Attending the European Conference of YFU in Uppsala.
<LI>2002-07-14 - 2002-07-21 A week visiting some friends in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
<LI>2002-07-31 - 2002-08-04 Visiting London and attending a wedding in Winchester.
<LI>2002-09-05 - 2002-09-09 A long weekend with work to evaluate our last project in Tuscany.
<LI>2002-10-11 - 2002-10-19 A week of boating on the Canal du midi in southern France.
<LI>2003-03-13 - 2003-03-16 Attending the European Conference of YFU in Budapest.
<LI>2003-05-28 - 2003-06-03 Visiting friends in Winchester and London.
<LI>2003-08-15 - 2003-08-17 Attending a friend's wedding in Mechelen.
<LI>2003-12-05 - 2003-12-08 A long relaxing weekend to enjoy in Stockholm.
<LI>2004-03-02 - 2004-03-04 A quick trip for work to Flen and Stockholm.
<LI>2004-05-19 - 2004-05-30 Visiting a friend and having a look at islamic and pharaonic Egypt.
<LI>2004-08-15 - 2004-08-23 Attending a friend's wedding in Lidköping and a few relaxing days in Stockholm beforehand.
<LI>2004-11-14 - 2004-12-03 Three weeks of travelling through southern India.
<LI>2005-01-10 - 2005-01-14 A trip for work to attend a design review in Flen.
<LI>2005-03-09 - 2005-03-13 Attending the European Conference of YFU in Helsinki.
<LI>2005-10-03 - 2005-10-23 Visiting some highlights in fast changing China.
<LI>2005-12-02 - 2005-12-05 A weekend in a hut out in the woods of Latvajärvi enjoying the snow, quiet and of course the sauna.
<LI>2006-05-24 - 2006-06-05 Boating on the rivers Shannon and Erne in Ireland.
<LI>2007-02-23 - 2007-26-24 Visiting my guild mates from World of Warcraft in Göppingen, Germany.
<LI>2007-07-02 - 2007-07-13 Spending two weeks in Sweden visiting our friends Jenny and Elinor with their families.
<LI>2007-11-23 - 2007-11-25 Spending a long weekend in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, our first weekend without Lukas.
<LI>2008-02-22 - 2008-02-24 Meeting up with my World of Warcraft Guild Mates in Haidmühle-Frauenberg, Germany.
<LI>2008-07-03 - 2008-07-06 Spending a long weekend in Munich with Sonja's sister and her boyfriend.
<LI>2008-10-17 - 2008-10-26 A relaxing ten day holiday on Xania, Crete, Greece with Sonja and our son Lukas.
<LI>2009-05-23 - 2009-07-26 A family holiday to Australia where we visited a lot of friends of old times. You can read our blog of the trip here. Stopping over in Hong Kong on the way there and back.
<LI>2012-03-26 - 2012-04-13 A family holiday to Japan, visiting friends and seeing parts of the country.
<LI>2013-05-17 - 2013-05-20 A long weekend in Stockholm without the kids.

So far I have been to the following places:

And of course all over Switzerland.

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