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* Sports

I used to quote Churchill (No sports) and Brecht (Sport ist Mord) but am no longer as strict on that topic. I have actually become quite fond of some sports. I am of course talking about doing sports as watching sports is not something I enjoy with one exception.

<LI> My first serious exposure to sports was in Australia during my exchange year where I took up rowing. I rowed in fours and sculls for several years but usually just for the fun as racing would have taken up too much practise time.
<LI> Today I mostly stick to simpler things such as cycling or hiking. I have taken up snowboarding recently and am still in the state where I finally understand why I always saw those snowboarders sitting around at the edge of the slopes. Believe me it has nothing to do with lazyness but with sheer exhaustion of the untrained!
<LI> Another thing I enjoy immensely is climbing which I started in 2001. Since my move to Berne I unfortunately no longer manage to get to the brilliant indoor climbing centre in Schlieren near Zürich but to keep me in practice I try to get a go at the Magnet in Niederwangen instead.
<LI> I have also been roller blading for some years now and enjoy blading on the streets of Berne every second week as part of the Monday Night Skate, now called Inline Night Bern.
<LI> The only sport I enjoy watching on television is Cricket and it has taken me long enough to come to appreciate it. You might want to check out my column on cricket to find out how I was converted. If you want a quick introduction the rules of one day cricket may be a good start. Some other links that might interest you are the rules of cricket, Baggy Green, the home of Australian Cricket or Laban's site on everything about cricket.
Last modified: 2010-07-16