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* News

This page shows the history of my homepage. This way you can easily tell what has changed since your last visit.

* 2010-07-13 Updated work page.
* 2010-02-10 Converted the whole page from using frame-sets and frames to using iframes because HTML5 will make framesets obsolete.
* 2010-01-17 Uploaded pictures of Lukas and Lena, updated WoW section.
* 2009-11-27 Added the outline for the picture gallery of our daugher Lena.
* 2009-07-29 Added the last entries to our travelling blog, updated the books and travelling pages.
* 2009-05-06 Reworked the OZ Blog. Added new pictures of Lukas covering the last half year. Brought my WoW characters up to date.
* 2009-04-14 Prepared the OZ Blog to keep everyone up to date about our upcoming trip down under
* 2008-08-05 Finally posted a long overdue update of Lukas' picture gallery. Updated the travelling section.
* 2008-01-18 Updated the ciname and travelling sections
* 2006-09-26 Added screenshots of the Gnome race in the WoW section
* 2006-09-16 WoW screenshots now working
* 2006-09-14 Added more pictures of Lukas, prepared WoW screenshots (not functional yet)
* 2006-08-20 Added more pictures and some text on Lukas
* 2006-08-03 Added first draft version of the page for Lukas.
* 2006-07-17 Added first draft version of family page and wedding picture gallery.
* 2006-07-14 Added German links to blasc.de to my World of Warcraft page.
* 2006-06-05 Updated my travelling and books pages.
* 2006-04-13 Added my World of Warcraft page. Updated the work pages.
* 2006-04-13 Updated the travelling, work and YFU pages. Added links to LinkedIn. Much still remains to do.
* 2005-03-21 After far too long, I brought most of my pages up to date, chucked out the old role playing game page and updated my cinema, book and travelling pages. The look is still the same, so if you came for Flash, Javascript and other chrome you will still be sorely disappointed ;-)
* 2004-08-13 Updated my cinema, book and travelling pages. Had to fix part of my picture gallery repository (Australia), works again.
* 2004-07-06 Removed details about my current job at the request of my employer.
* 2003-11-23 Updated my cinema and book pages.
* 2003-08-24 Updated my cinema, book, and travelling pages.
* 2003-04-06 Updated information about my address and job. Updated my cinema, book, computer and YFU pages.
* 2002-06-02 Updated my cinema, book, computer, work and YFU pages. Translated my columns on Australian politics and cricket into German.
* 2002-02-09 Replaced my dynamic CGI script for my picture gallery with a static version.
* 2002-02-08 Added the sports and cricket pages.
* 2001-09-09 My picture gallery script is now running with all it's current features
* 2001-06-07 A first trial version of my gallery script is now working.
* 2001-05-10 After being offline for over two years my site comes back on-line under its very own domain www.ursbeeli.ch.
Last modified: 2010-07-16