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* Links

Some of my friends have a home page of their own that I think are worth visiting.

<LI> If you like drinking beer, I recommend a visit to my friend Wesi's beer pages. Or you might want to have a look at his home page, that not only links to the beer page but also offers reviews of cooked cows and some jewels from his travels.
<LI> Boris Achermann and I used to work in the same team and he is a friend if mine. His page usually provides information about his latest travels.
<LI> David is a good friend of mine from Swedish classes. He is a painter, poet, traveller and artist among many other things. You can find some of his work here
<LI> Or you might want to visit trash.net where my domain is being hosted and which offers a full blown UNIX account to all members. If you ever wanted to enjoy the thrill of using the one true interface (a shell, of course) you'll love trash.net.
Last modified: 2010-07-16