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Urs Beeli's homepage

Welcome to my homepage at www.ursbeeli.ch. It started around 1995 while I was studying and has evolved over the years. It has not been on-line from 1999 until 2001 and that is one of the reasons it still looks a bit dusty and does not use all the flash features of today's modern home pages ;-). Another reason is that I believe that web pages should be easy to read and quick to download and I do not plan to add bandwidth hogging add-ons that can only be viewed on certain platforms with certain plugins and certain browsers. If you want a state of the art shiny hype-page, go somewhere else...

For those of you that stumbled onto this page by accident and have no clue who I might be I'll try to give a short summary: My name is Urs Beeli, I was born in 1971 in Luzern, Switzerland and am currently living in Berne with my wife and family. I'm an electrical engineer, have been an exchange student, love travelling and am taking this site as a chance to show off my immense ego ;-) and to share a few things with other people.

* If you're interested to learn more about my character's geek component you might find these pages that relate to my work of interest.
* If you're one of my travelling accquaintances or are just curious to find out about my travels you'll hit gold in my travel section.
* Should you be interested in my non-geek interests I advise a visit to the pages about my hobbies.

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Last modified: 2013-07-31