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* Hobbies

These pages give you some ideas about what I spend my spare time on (yes, even electrical engineers have occasional occurences of spare time ;-)

When I have enough time on my hands I usually go somewhere else. As I love doing this so much I have dedicated a full section of my homepage to travelling.

I love to loose myself in worlds of imagination where I can leave everyday life behind and escape into a universe of its own. It seems to be unsurprising that I therefore love to read and to go to the movies. I have compiled a list of books and films I have read/seen and some related links.

The one thing that took up most of my spare time for many years and where I found many of my current friends is Youth For Understanding (YFU).

Occasionally I get around to writing the odd column. Not that they are published or anything. But if you feel like it you can find them here.

I have a very controversial relationship to sports which will probably not be of interest to you :-)

A lot of the time for my other hobbies had been eaten up after I got addicted to World of Warcraft. After more than five years of intensive play I have quit WoW and amazingly don't even miss it much.

Our - not so new anymore - family hobby is Geocaching where we are using the nickname sbeelis
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Last modified: 2017-02-22