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About us
We are a family of four. Dad is a completionist technophile software engineer, good conditions for exhaustive cache hunts both near and far. The kids enjoy a good treasure hunt and tricking them into a sunday afternoon walk with the incentive of finding a cache is a great parental tool. They prefer boxes that are large enough to trade items. Mum usually comes in when both dad and kids just can't find a cache, she has the magic touch. We are typically caching on foot, by bike or public transport.

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Since November 2016, Dad has joined the volunteer reviewer team for Switzerland and Liechtenstein where he reviews caches under the name of srebeelis.

Schüpfen is a village in the "Seeland" district of the canton of Berne in Switzerland. It has a population of a little under 4'000 and is 15 minutes by train from Berne. Since the beginning of 2016, Schüpfen has become our new home.

Berne is the capital of Switzerland and has a population of roughly 130'000 making it Switzerland's fourth largest city. Bern's historic old town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Berne was our home until the end of 2015 and still is the place where dad works and where many of our friends live.

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