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* Picture Gallery


Australia 2001
Australia 2001
Slides of my Trip through
New Zealand 2001
New Zealand 2001
Slides of my Trip through New Zealand

This slide show is a static replacement for my dynamic, script based show which is currently off-line.

* 2008-06-17 The Australian pictures are now all available thanks to imageshack.us. New Zealand to follow soon.
* 2008-06-11 Finally I have started uploading the pictures to Imageshack. I'll do this one topic at a time so it may take some time. Adelaide and Great Ocean Road should be ready as I write this. Others will follow over the next days and weeks.
* 2006-12-11 Once again Tripod (Lycos) are causing me grief. They have deleted all my pictures of the Australia and New Zealand slide shows without notice and I cannot log in using ftp. Until I can be bothered singly uploading every image to ImageShack or some other hoster, the slide shows will not be available. Sorry about this.
* 2004-08-13 Have fixed the problems with Tripod. Australian pictures are again available.
* 2003-??-?? Tripod has deactivated my account due to naming problems. Australian show not available for the time being.
* 2002-02-13 Tripod back on line - Australian and New Zealand pictures are again available.
* 2002-02-09 Tripod who are hosting parts of my picture gallery are restructuring their sites. Until then my pictures won't be available. They should go back on-line on 2002-02-13.
* 2002-02-09 Technical difficulties take my automated picture gallery off-line. Static replacement put in place.
* 2001-09-06 Australian pictures are back online. Hope it stays that way ;-)
* 2001-09-05 Problems with pictures of Australia. Provider has tossed them out. Hoping to get it fixed soon.
* 2001-09-03 Finally all pics from Australia and New Zealnd are available.
Last modified: 2010-07-16