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* Contact

I am of course glad for any feedback about my page.

However, I am not interested in becoming rich overnight - be it through legal or illegal means, I do not need a loan nor a better mortgage payment system, I have no interest in free porn nor do I need penis enlargement. In other words, don't send me unsolicited bulk e-mail. As most spammers do not seem to care about this, my e-mail address is an alias and will frequently change. Please don't bookmark this e-mail address as it will go out of date soon and then all mail to it will land in a kill-file.

If you think that you deserve a more permanent link via e-mail, send a mail to the address below and I will send you an mail address that will stay valid.

LinkedIn profile I have a profile at LinkedIn.
XING I have a profile at Xing.
facebook I have a facebook profile.

Comments to: 243yg3720@ursbeeli.ch
Last modified: 2017-02-22